Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Fine Mess

Last night while working on my cathedral windows I ran out of the little color squares. Really thinking I had more cut I went looking during commercials for them and couldn't find them. :( So I dragged the rolling bin out and low and behold I found some precut, a bunch of fqs and 6" squares from my friend Mel. And started cutting, of course hubby said I was going overboard as I'll never use them all up this week and blah, blah, know how it goes. They have no clue.
And this morning I got a call from my dad and he's going to see his mom, my grandmother, this weekend did I want to come along??? But of course, and I'm bringing DS ,who will make us crazy with "I'm bored" But I'm looking at a 3 hour each way car trip and at least a couple hours of down time in the hotel. Now I'm thinking I didn't cut enough.....better get pressing the muslin parts too- maybe 2 dozen of those.LOL

For Christmas I asked for more of the 30's fabrics and the Feedsack book- there is one more scrappy quilt I want to make from these colors- I'm thinking an Irish chain quilt all different colors or maybe a dresden plate quilt....something to piece over the spring/summer and quilt by hand next fall. Maybe something will be in the book that screams, Make me, Make me!!! Ya never know.....

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Carole said...

Well, the fabric looks good anyway! Have a safe drive! Enjoy time with your grandmother!