Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's Offically Fall

It's really fall even though the leaves aren't turned yet....
October baseball is going on even without the Yankees :(
We've done our annual apple picking. And after apple picking there's this.....

Which leads to these:

When I moved here 10 years ago one of my friends and neighbors taught me the fine art of making candied apples. Of course she claimed she knew what she was doing (lol). Remember claimed is the key word. Though we made a double batch of 24 apples and I learned never to use the popsickle type sticks that come in the kit you buy in the produce department ( buy lolipop sticks from anywhere that sells them- like Wilton ones) never ever dump the extra syrup down your sink. NEVER! It hardens in there and you need to pay mucho bucks to get a plumber to fix the drains. Making the cost of an apple over $20 each . It is much better to keep your cappichino cup from Starbucks or where ever and dump it in there to harden then dispose of the cup. And that is my public service announcement of the day.

Now though I have another gmfg flower ready to go, I need to hoop my first chocolate stitchery as my sil wants to see this project and we need to figure how much kona we need to dye for the borders to make a nice wall hanging out of our blocks.

On another note, yesterday in Linda's class she had one of these: (I have no idea what to do to make it a clickable link-sorry)
and hubby ordered one online this morning with the logic it would be cheaper even with shipping than letting me loose in the container store- silly man.


Sarah Nopp said...

Chocolate stitchery??
It sounds yummy!
Will you show us a picture??

Jeanne said...

Candy apples! I thought you were making caramel apples, but these look yummy, too. Are they chewy or is the coating hard like a lollipop?