Monday, October 15, 2007

Where does the time go???

Isn't she the greatest? I got this in the mail this morning for no good reason at all except my friend Lois wanted to RAK ( Random acts of kindness) me :)
I collect these lovely angels and even gets confused sometimes of which ones I have. And every year I buy 6 for certain friends for the holidays and I always buy the newest ones for the same reason. I got my first angel 5 years ago from a friend when I was diagnosed with cancer- the Angel of Hope.
Now I need to find another one to send to a friend who went for her yearly mamo to find out she has breast cancer. Now I know they're making progress every year on the disease but it is such a very scarey thing for the dr to come in and say "it's cancer." I know I've been there and actually heard it a few times afterwards with the words "it's back"

So one of the groups I am a former member of has decided to make this friend a love quilt to show our support and love for her. Since there are so few of us making blocks we're all making 4- Mel ( over acheiver she is :P) finished hers yesterday while I playing with new toys. But never fear I finished mine today. See - a cute design but lots of pieces.

And that's about all I did today, no reading, no playing. Just these blocks ( 4 of them) oh and a couple loads of laundry. Of cours eall this after I argued with Enterprise rent a car over the rates we were charged for our car I had all weekend. But sometimes it does pay to bitch as I got $47 off the charged price and a free day on another rental in the furture. Hubby just shakes his head.

Speaking of the wonderful man, we went to drop the car off this morning and out to breakfast and he went to clear up some loose ends at work and has the rest of the week off. How cool is that? Not that we're planning any big trips with the kiddies in school but tomorrow we're going to Buck Country PA to Peddlers Village to see the scarecrow display and hit a winery or two. Plus we have to finish the painting and staining from the contruction. And whatever day it rains first we're going to see the new George Clooney movie- well I'll see that and my money is he'll want to see the gorey Resident Evil movie- now don't get me wrong I love a good horror movie as much as the next BUT Resident Evil is a video game that should have stayed a video game from what I saw of the other movies-lol.

Guild meeting tonight and the Red Sox are playing the Indians again tonight- I think the Rockies will be in it but the American League is kinda tough to call.....maybe I can get another flower done or at the very least get some more cathedral window pieces ready for the "window parts"


Jeanne said...

Isn't that a pretty angel? How thoughtful of your friend to send it.
The pink block is wonderful, too. All of the pictures from the scarecrow contest are terrific! Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on being a survivor!

Kim said...

thanks :)

Helen in the UK said...

I really like the pink blocks you are making for your friend. Great choice of design :)