Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More pics from Tuesday's Trip

So my best friend and myself sampled bottles of wine from last year and this year from the winery and it's not just me- the wine is different and not for the better :( Never fear it will be cooking wine. Waste not want not, right?
But my laptop desk came from the container store this morning- really fast for ordering Sat night online imho :). Today was a no sewing /quilting day as it was run around to Trader Joes for dinner and "stuff", the art supply store for dd's homework, the liquor store for a wine I really like,and the reg food store for makings of beef veggie soup for Friday. Tomorrow DD is off from work so I promised I would make a real Sunday type dinner, roast beef and all the trimmings. Any extra meat will be made into soup on Friday :)

I've been going through my quilty books and found Quilts from Grandmother's Flower Garden- so with my new toy, Inklingo, I will seriously look for a project to make.
Like I have nothing else to do-right? What's another UFO amoung friends????

So here's some pics from yesterday's trip to the winery
the first one we've named the God of Wine :)

I just love the look of old wine casks :)

Isn't this iron railing pretty????? Bet it would make a nice quilting pattern.....


Jeanne said...

I like to find designs in architecture, especially old buildings, floors, tiles, ceilings, etc. This looks like a good place to do that.

Greenmare said...

Oh what a great day!!!! Can I come next time???