Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Construction Continues

Last night I got the Pat Sloan newsletter and saw that she still had the Think Pink Better Homes and Garden magazine that I've been looking for - so I ordered it.
But while looking around the store I noticed this cute book. And of course next thing I knew, it was in my shopping cart with the magazine. No I didn't order the perle thread yet . I'll wait till the holidays when the quilting gets shoved away for a few weeks...well all but whatever hand piecing project is going at the time. I need to find a good sized stocking pattern to make the kiddies new stockings- scrappy strips and embroidered cuff.

Aren't they the best?? I can't wait for them to come :)

So yesterday's construction was the instalation of new doors. They look great :) Poor Moose is afraid of all the noise and spent most of the day under my bed. Today they sheetrock the one wall in the kitchen/dining room. Everytime we do one small thing it becomes a bigger mmore expensive project :(.
I'm sure when all is said and done it will look great. But I see alot of staining and painting cutting in to my quilting time in the near future. But while they make that mess I'll be clearing off the frame to load a quilt tomorrow and hanging at one of my friends house for the sanding and taping part of the sheetrock. Then is the trim around the doors.

But while all that was going on I FINALLY got the borders on my scrappy mountains wall hanging. I should have basted it last night but I'm hoping it doesn't rain long enough for me to baste it at our picnic table outside so I can start the hand quilting.

Our contractor was quite amazed that I sew and quilt ALL DAY. But I showed him the rug braiding frame and I have to go to Home Depot this morning and get the poles and he'll build it for me this weekend under the condtition I make a rug for his house :) ! How cool is that??? Hubby just shakes his head in amazement.


Sewbaby said...

I ordered the Chocolage book this morning!!! Thanks for posting it!


swooze said...

Hey you have to ask or you never get anything!