Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Living in the land of spackle and saw dust

Well we're coming down to the homestretch :) ....I so want to be cutting the parts out for the mystery this weekend on Cyber Quilters. Marge from Delaware Quilts is doing it. Simply Squares I believe the name is and I have lots of black, red and white I feel are needing to be made into a quilt top. Or should it be red,green and lights to have a nice throw for the holidays??? What to do, what to do..... I wish blogger had a poll feature like 360 .

My poor janome,pc and embroidery machine are all covered with dust cloths trying to save them while the last of the work is being done so now I'm playing on my laptop trying to figure out how to use embird better. Tis why there is no pics in this blog :(

The noise level is getting out of control here. Poor Moose has no idea what to do with himself. Not a happy camper for sure. Lucky for me I have a lunch date in a few minutes so I can escape. I wish I could take him with me.

So Paula are you ready for the playoffs???? I'm rooting for the Sox first round against the Angels :) This way we can play each other second round VBG. I'd love to see the Cubbies win too and the Phillies....that would make for a really interesting second round dontcha think????

The Halloween Panel is coming along quite nicely with the hand quilting. I can't wait to start playing with the beads. Of course I have no idea where I want to hang it in the house...most likely one of the new doors. Of course hubby is not liking that. You know screwing hardware into his new beautiful doors.

So I hope everyone is getting some sewing done- I will be for a few more minutes and then I'm sure I'll be getting lots done starting at 3pm with the first game and then tonights game.

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Sarah Nopp said...

Hey! Blogger DOES have a Poll thing you can add :) I think it is new.