Sunday, October 14, 2007

Playing with Inklingo

So like a small child the day after Christmas I NEEDED play with my new toys *VBG* much to Santa's dismay. After much playing with the printer to find the custom setting of the size of paper, I gave up. Yep we found them but instead of letting us put in let's say 5x5" they want %. Now granted I swore in high school I would never use any of the math we were learning except business math- I passed algebra by the skin of my teeth and promptly forgot most of what I knew the minute I got my diploma :(. So forget the % feature I asked for a new printer for Christmas - Santa rolled his eyes kinda like last night.

So I took some 10 1/2" scraps and printed some hexagons and managed to figure I can get 6 per page at that size. I did my ink test just like Monkey said too. And started playing. I managed to get one done before the Grinch started yapping I need to make candy apples for the bday party for my oldest niece ( the one in the apple pics from the other day) So I PROMISED that as soon as I made my flower and blogged I would be a good "wifey/aunt" and stop playing and go do my grown up responsibilities

Can you see the light lines printed on the back of the fabric??? If not, click on pic.

I can see this is going to be addicting and will to show some great restraint if I want to get anything really need this toy!!!


Jeanne said...

I totally agree! It's the best thing since the rotary cutter. Enjoy a caramel apple for me.

Greenmare said...

totally cool! Can't wait to see all you do with this toy!!!!

Mel said...

I knew you would play with it immediately. LOL
That should make it easier than the other way.

Sweet P said...

I like your first blocks with Inklingo. I knew you would have fun with it.