Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Contractor Lunch break!!!!

I left as soon as I was done doing emails for the guild workshop with Linda Franz in 2 weeks to get the needed supplies for my rug braiding frame :). I mananged to pick up all the correct hardware all by myself at Home Depot -lol. Then I ran to the post office to mails some over due "quilty/baseball stuff" Jeannie yours is on it's merry way :). Then I hit Joann's. Now I didn't NEED anything except some wow or cow backgrounds for my neverending hsts for the depression blocks as quilt fabric is on sale 30% off and add another 10% for AQS membership I'm good to go. Oh I did look at kona white but the price went from $3.99 to $5.99 a yard :( what a ripoff that is. Even H of P is cheaper WITH shipping. But Halloween fabric is 40% ( again with another 10%) so I got this cute panel and backing to make a wall hanging. I swear the beads and buttons cost more than both fabrics combined. But once the noise makers come back from lunch I'll take all I need to baste this OUTSIDE and get it ready for quilting it.
Hubby again is shaking his head and we have a "small" bet if it will be done for this Halloween. Silly man, does he not remember this is October with playoff /world series games almost EVERY night starting Wednesday....really..... men!!!!

The backing is much blacker than the pic shows- must be my flash causing the problem :(


Jeanne said...

Kim, are you taking the workshop with Linda? If so, I promise you won't be disappointed. Wait until you see the samples she brings! Please tell her Jeanne says hello.

Carole said...

Have fun with your rug frame! As I've mentioned, it's one of those projects that require very little concentration once you get your rythm. Keep well!

swooze said...

Love the Halloween quilt! Trying to figure out what you are having done at the house.

I have a poll on my blog. Go check that out for yourself.

Leah S said...

I'm just really glad I'm not the only one moaning about JoAnn's price raise of Kona fabric! I was feeling a little delirious the other week when I saw $5.99. "Hmm... wasn't it $3.99? I'm pretty sure it was... this isn't a good deal... will order elsewhere!"