Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy Morning

There was a call for love blocks by one of my friends for a love quilt so I spent most of the morning making a bunch for her. Hope they work :)

Then I decided to see what we still had in the garden with all the rain last week and the high heat and humidity this week. Aren't these just breathtaking??????

And then I was going into the house to upload the pics and I hear the faintest Meow- seems I didn't pay proper homage to the resident princess -lol.


Greenmare said...

I lvoe your green blocks! I love your day lilies, and I LOVE your kitty! I wanted an orange cat when I started hinting for a second cat here but, alas, I am inheriting my oldest daughters cat while she goes off to Hawaii to work on a cruise ship. He isn't orange at all, sigh.

Kim said...

Thanks Mare- Cyd is DD's cat. Getting up there in age but is the loudest purr machine we've ever had :) We found her in our garage about 6 years ago after a blizzard- Glad the dish towel made it I got it off another Kim's blog- Calamity Kim. They were super easy to make-

Jeanne said...

Your resident Princess looks an awful lot like my royal resident, Jasper. She looks so cute "hidden" on the shelf.