Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quilting Meme

Let's see what the quilter's have in common besides their love of fabric- I think the knitters can do it too if they subsitute fibers for some of the questions.....copy and paste to your blog and change the answers to yours

1: How long have you been quilting???Since the late 70's

2: Did you take lessons ??? not until recently, mostly self taught

3: Favorite Quilting teacher??? Sharon Schamabers

4:Do you follow the patterns you buy? Sometimes but usually with my own "twist" in it somewhere

5:Favorite block? Hope of Hartford

6: Favorite technique? examples, applique,hand piecing, machine piece? depends on the block- I do love hand piecing though

7: Favorite Quilt book??? Right now, Liberated Quilting by Gwen Marston

8: Do you dye your own fabric?? But of course, doesn't everyone?

9:Do you have a quilt YOU made on YOUR bed?? yep right now 3

10: Why do you quilt???? It's cheaper than therapy

11:Favorite color combinations??? Blue and White or Red/white and blue

12:Quilt you want to make in this lifetime? King sized Lone Star or New York Beauty

13: What kind of machine(s) do you own????? Janome Gem for piecing, 2 vintage treadles, vintage homemark ,2 other singer sewing machines for backup and DD when she's in the mood to sew, and the juki for machine quilting on the frame

14: Favorite quilting tool? my seam ripper more like an ball tipped awl- Marianne showed us it last fall and I have to have all the cool toys

15: Do you have a sewing room studio??? Nope just an alcove in the dining room for sewing and part of the garage for quilting

16:Do you belong to any guilds??? Yep, Vice president of it too

17: Do you belong to online groups?? Yep but recently dropped a bunch of them and will drop more by end of summer

18:Do you read other peoples blogs to get ideas??? but of course, can you imagine how many quilts I'd get done if I quit reading blogs???

19: Do you hand quilt??? Excessively

20: Do you have a pile of UFO's just waiting to be finished??? I think I'm up to 6 now Not in any kind of finishing mood lately

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swooze said...

Looks like you covered a lot of my "Topics of the week" all in one post! Thanks for sharing.