Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good Thursday Morning :)

I've been goofing off the last few days after my morning of green and cream- cutting the never ending pile of wondercut ruler tubes that become my hsts *rolls eyes toward sky* some are colors and white or cream- these will become blocks for seven- yep I said seven, depression block quilts for my Girl Scout troop. And then, there's a pile of greens and blues for the ocean waves quilt I only need 64 of those blocks-. And it's just been too hot to do much of anything :( Well that's besides all the mommy/wifey duties the family needs. Good thing I have my truck as leverage over DD to get "some" help in the chores.No help, no truck, works for me :) Now DS, teenaged man/boy, he is I can with hold food-roflmbo.
Yesterday and this morning I did a quick cruise around blogville and 360* on yahoo and there are so many pretties in progress. I want to make them all VBG. But I "think" I have alot on my plate at the moment so I guess I should get back to the pile of hsts-sigh or none of my grand plans for quilts will ever get done.

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Jeanne said...

Lots of pretty blocks. You must have been busy stitching.