Monday, July 30, 2007

Borders Monday

I wish it meant I was relaxing at Borders Books having a nice cold coffee type drink, but no today was clear the table of things that needed finishing. So before the mystery quilt got shuffled around I put borders on that *VBG*

and I finally finished the rows and borders on a love quilt for a friend going through a hard time. This one will loaded on the frame tonight and quilted tomorrow and Wednesday- depending on how hot it gets as my frame is in the garage and it's been pretty hot here in NJ :(

But there's been another call for blocks so I guess I'll go make some green mini bow ties as it's for a man.....

Hopefully the sun tea is done cause I'm parched-lol


Jeanne said...

It may not be Borders with the books, but your borders make a nice finish to the quilt blocks you've sewn. They are both great quilts.

Knitted Gems said...

Both of these quilts are beautiful! I especially like the "sampler" quilt. I can only aspire to be the expert quilter that you are some day. I am unwilling/scared to graduate beyond simple squares and right-sided triangles.
And you are right, this heat is terrible. I'm one state over (PA)and suffering right along with you.