Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Playing with wool part 2

Ok I was asked what the wool does....see I bought packs of roving the green stuff on left. You seperate it into a bunch of pencil thin or so strands and start wrapping it up like a ball of well like wool to knit :)
you can do all one color or a mixture, then you put it in a knee high panty hose, twist tight and wash in hot water. When the wash is done you roll and compress the wool to get the air out and let dry and you have a wool pincushion. Then you can take embroidery thread ( dmc type not machine thread) and reg wool, like the charms I got in Lancaster last fall and decorate to look like previous post :)

Something different to try that kept me out of the fabric stores for the afternoon-lol

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Greenmare said...

OH I love that! I want to do it! Can I come play????