Saturday, July 07, 2007

Squishy Day :)

Don't you love getting packages in the mail??? I ordered the books on Amazon and the clover yoyo makers from one of my fav sellers on Ebay *VBG* I got both the flowers and the hearts in both sizes. I'll try them out later while watching baseball, it's old timers day at the stadium :)
I'm prepping another SBS for appliquing down, and broke out my tumbling blocks- plan is to do 10 a week- should only take a couple of years to finish them all that way *wink* That's what I get for starting all these hand sewing/quilting projects at once.......

Here's DD's cat, Cyd, trying to be my new best friend since Chat is gone.
She would NEVER go on my bed if he were here to protect the quilts.

Have a great Saturday, going to be a hot one here today...

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