Monday, July 23, 2007

Rainy days and Mondays

I think Cyd has the right idea for today :(
It's been raining pretty hard all morning. Though I got alot of "wifey" stuff done, baking fresh banana bread yummmmm, the never ending battle of laundry and dirty dishes. It's a struggle to keep moving :( and not lay down with Cyd and take a nap. One of the teenagers is at work clap clap and the other at 12:34 PM is still sleeping- nice life huh? But today's a day I don't need to hear "i'm bored" so I'll let sleeping dogs lay-lol

I finished the applique part of this baby blanket for a church member . Her shower is in 2 weeks . I will add borders this afternoon or evening and baste it and start the hand quilting on it- yep I said hand quilting in a tradition Hawaiian design for kukui block. Some kind of tree that's all I know about it. In June I bought a great booklet of 20 different blocks for $2 and just by using one of the patterns already I think it was money well spent :)

I too Nancy Chong's class at Quilt University last year and need to practice my needleturn applique and believe it or not, these are the easiest for me to do. My hearts always look lopsided and I really need to master this by next year as my SIL will be 40 and I make queensized quilts for siblings and spouses for the big 40. She wants all fall colors and oak leaves appliqued on it- great **rolling eyes**

So that's my day in a nutshell, hope everyone else is doing something constuctive :)


Helen in the UK said...

Cyd looks so cute :)

Joan said...

What a sweet kitty! And love the quilt. Can't wait to see the finished product! -- Joan

Sarah Nopp said...

Maybe you should get you SIL a gift certificate for a quilting class LOL