Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well I finally finished the top :)
Not that I liked the technique :(
It's fused. So it's going to be a pain to quilt- especially all that bias binding used for the lead.
But that will be tomorrow's project to finish .....

I tried the heart yoyo maker so very cute and easy....I made 5 yesterday- need to figure a cute way to use them in a wall hanging....maybe I'll try the flower one tomorrow at guild's quilt as you like day :)


Sarah Nopp said...

It looks great :)
Just get a new needle, it will handle the glue. I will quilt up very prettily too, and you have some room to do some very creative work in all that space. I can't wait to see how you finish it.

Floss said...

The flowers look great. I'm sure that is will quilt up beautifully.

Kim said...

Well it doesn't quilt up beautifully :(
The bias tape they said to use pulls away from the fused pieces even using pins every `1/2"
Im going to make another top and hand applique everything in the same manner as Celtic knots, with slightly bigger bias tape- that "should" work better