Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pay it Forward (PIF)

Seems to be the trend on the internet this weekend the idea of paying it forward.
Quilters are the nicest people :)
So the first three people to leave a comment and promise to pay it forward also will get a gift from me :)
And those lucky people need to leave a couple color choices as it's fabric dyeing week here- how cool is that????


Sweet P said...

Kim, you are in my Pay It Forward. You need to send me your snail mail address. Paula (

swooze said...

I love your Lily! It is so pretty.

Darn! I love hand dyes but already signed up for another PIF....maybe I could do two....hmmm....

Louisiana Momma said...

Can I jump in this PIF?? I have been clicking links trying to get on the end of a line that's not full yet :-) So you don't know me, but I would love to participate! Please feel free to check my blog and if you let me know I am not too late I will go ahead and post the PIF post on MY blog and email you my snail mail address.. you can email me at