Friday, July 06, 2007

Still Sewing and gardening

Look!!!! Almost 2 cups of yoyos!!! What I'm going to go with them, I'm not sure but they look so cute in the canning jar :)
And the SB Sues from Christmas hell-lol. On retreat last fall a friend ( what friend would pass on such ugly Christmas Sues, especially since it was a 20+ year UFO for them? I ask you who would do that to a friend???) Gave me these "lovelys to finish. And just when I had the top pieced of 12 , she sends 8 more! grrrrrrrrrrr
So now I found them under my bed and started them again today and ripping the borders off to use as sashing AGAIN. And wait for more ugly Christmas fabric to come to the stores- needs that gold in it to be true to the original Sues....sigh. I have 2 more appiqued down and 5 to go- the last one I"m going to keep for a sampler quilt.
***rolls eyes***** since the last sample quilt I made, DD "borrowed" and never returned-

and my first callas of the year are blooming, *VBG* my favorite flower

there are just so many colors and types of lilies this year, FINALLY :)

Isn't this a HUGE flower??? I have to remember to dry some for a wreath this year.

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