Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Playing with wool

above pic is from MCCALLS Quilting 2007

A few months ago at guild one of the vendors sold wool roving. Why I thought I needed that is beyond me but I bought 4 little bags of the stuff. :)
And then this morning going through old magazines to make a pile for another quilter, I saw an article how to make the above !!! WOW!!! I wonder if they come out as cute as this one??? Time will tell, I have 3 little wool balls in the washer in hot water :)
I'm "supposed " to appliquing a baby quilt top or cleaning my sewing area. I tried doing that this morning and ended up doing a pretty nice sized strips piece that I want to use to cover a small photo albulm :) Or add to my crazy strings pice that I have going- like a giant crumb pieced block :)
I just can't get into a sewing mode or even cleaning of the mess for that matter....sigh

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swooze said...

That sure is cute! What does washing the roving do?