Friday, July 27, 2007

Isn't he cute????

This is Cliff,the cat. He's a stray that decided he likes us and wants to be our friend. He's been hanging around for months and always taking off when you got near him. 2 weekes ago "HE DECIDED" we're ok and now comes to be pet and brushed. Good thing as he has these HUGE mats on his back. Really bad like dread locks actually. I got 3 off and 2 more BIG ones to go. But Cliff doesn't like to be held yet. ANd he can't come in till I can get him to a vet for shots etc. Not taking any chances there.

I've been hand quilting the Hawaiian quilt slowly and making more and more hsts for depression quilts. I need 7 quilts by June of next year-lol. All the same except borders will be different fabric/colors. This is the last year of Girl Scouts and I figured the girls have seen me sew enough bindings on during the meetings and they have all asked for one- well except dd. What a better ending gift for all huh????AND I get to BUST THE STASH at the same time!!! Snoopy dancing here :).

Ann Smith is doing a mystery this weekend on a bunch of groups and I've yet to cut my fabric out. I can't decide which of the 2 fabric groups I want to do.....sad isn't it? PLus as a bonus I have a gazillion 2 1/2" squares here from scrap cutting this week for leader/enders to make more 16 patch blocks :)
So maybe, I should get to cutting huh?????

Swooze and Mare I sent the squishie's yesterday. Courtney's will go next week as not to get loney in the mail box while you're gone :)
Have a great weekend and hope to see lots of pretties on the blogs after the weekend !


Meredith said...

Hi Kim
I do not have an email address to contact you about the pillow cases. You can email me from my profile and I can send them out to you.

Jeanne said...

Cliff is a definite keeper, IMHO. I hope he lets you get him to the vet so he can really begin enjoying the good life. It was really nice of you to keep after him.