Saturday, September 01, 2007

Getting Ready for the holiday

So I hope everyone is having fun this weekend!!!!
I'm spending today cooking for a family BBQ tomorrow here :)
Potato Salad ( I used blue potatoes to flip my Dad out- he like "normal" food) Done :)
Pasta salad is being made as we speak- well the pasta is boiling. Done :)
Libby's Tomato pie yummmmmmmmm done :)
recipe is here on July 17's blog :
it is so very good. This time I used spinach instead of basil.
and of course the traditional Boston Baked Beans :) beans are soaking :)
BONUS!! Apple crumb pie Done :)
Who knows maybe I can clear the table later and trim some more of the hsts needed for 7 quilts of depression blocks- right now we're doing a pretty red and creams or whites. That would be 3 colors done 13 to go :( I'm starting to think with this shoulder I'll never get all 7 done by May 2008 but I might die trying :)

Ooopps the game is on gotta turn the radio on and listen instead of watching - have a good one everyone :)

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