Sunday, September 16, 2007

Doll Quilts

I'm not thrilled with this one :(
I'm going to frog the borders and add another row for the broken dishes blocks to stay the way they "were" before adding an extra row for size. so they will be 6x6 in the small 61/2" size blocks.
Our guild collects them to go with dolls for the Salvation Army for holiday gifts.
ALLof the hsts are leftovers from a love quilt I made my friend earlier in the summer .....once I "birth" the quilts I'll bring them to a Girl Scout meeting for the girls to tie. I was hoping for this evening but I didn't get enough tops done :(

1 comment:

Sarah Nopp said...

I like the pink- it is very cute. Are you just not happy with the dimensions? Or is it the scale?