Thursday, September 06, 2007

Moving forward slowly with hsts :)

I did manange to finish trimming the red/light hsts! Snoopy dancing all around !!!
Onward to the orange/lights...sigh. I will finish these before the weekend is out.

I've been making more 36 patch star blocks - well actually the 36 patch blocks as a leader ender project also . Why??? I have no clue. What I should be doing is working on the Yogi quilt. Wait!!!! I am ,the fabric is in the wash VBG.
My goal is to do at least a block a day.

One of the board members from hubby's work is moving to St Louis and has been packing up her house and I get all the wayward stuff she isn't fond of anymore. In the past I've gotten great batting scraps ,Gwen Marston's Liberated Quilting ( what a great book) I had Liberated Strings but wow I love the other too.
Yesterday's give away was A HUGE coffee table book The Art Quilt, a book on stained glass quilts and the Spirits of the Cloth a book on African American quilts. All great eye candy.

My mother in law has been cleared by the dr so I gave her back her car- wow!! Did she ever get cranky not having a car for 2 1/2 days!!!!!

I finished the book the other Kim recommended These Is my Words. What a great book that was to read. Thank you Kim!! Next on the list is Comeback, Ree, from Pioneer Woman's blog recommended this one a couple weeks ago. See that's the problem, I see all these great books on other people's blog and then go order them. Like when Finn recommended Hamilton Books- of course I went, I saw I ordered! I have no control it just happens. LOL but it's not fabric VBG and Im expanding the the gray matter

The kiddies went back to school yesterday! Another round of Snoppy dancing!!!!! Both
of my babies are in HS already! Does that make me old too???? I mean some days I feel 100 with my knees and shoulder but other days I can run circles around them.
Well these hsts won't sew themselves together and trim themselves so I guess that's what I need to get back to......


Su Bee said...

LOL -- what a great read! Finn and her Hamilton Books link got me too -- what suckers, eh?
Now, get back on those hsts....VBG!

Greenmare said...

You got Gwen Marstens liberated quilting?????????
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been trying to get that book for YEARS! It goes soooo darn high on ebay that I can never justify it. I check it out from the library ALL the time, how crazy is THAT? I have even fantasized about "losing" it and paying the fine! But that darn honest streak in me won't let me do it. sigh,
soooooo, LUCKY you!