Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day 2007

The picnic yesterday was eventful. My poor mother in law had "something" happen right after we ate- the hospital says vertigo but could be a reaction to the generic drug she takes for blood pressure- first line of warning says"May cause nausea or dizziness" there you go- Vertigo is when the hospital doesn't know what's wrong even after a CAT scan. But she is home. Supposedly resting ( yeah right) Her car is here until she can get a drs appointment and they tell US that she is cleared to drive. Complain, complain complain- she has things she "NEEDS" to do- I offered to drive her anywhere and she couldn't come up with anywhere she needed to go.

But after I left her I went to Joann's to buy backing fabric for the pink and white mystery I did a few weeks back :) Fabric is in the washer as we speak. Hopefully pieced tonight- who knows maybe even load it on the frame - what a concept VBG.
I bought a couple packs of needles for the embroidery machine, janome and some stablizer for embroidery - woo hoo!!!! Some seam rippers, mine are always MIA when I need one. And some creams and whites for backgrounds of the depression blocks :D
I even managed to trim another 60 hsts meaning I need to do 100 more and I can move onto the next color which will probably be orange to get it over with. Not my fav color but I need 16 assorted colors and I have 3 yards in my stash left over from something else. Those were the days of over buying to have some left over.Now I just want to use some of this "what was I thinking?" stuff up

I even bought some worsted wool to "hopefully" try one of the patterns for crocheted socks. Yes I was surprised it called for worsted yarn but I like wool better so that's what I bought.

The blue potato salad was a hit with everyone BUT dad *snicker, snicker* but he did eat it after much grumbling over the changing of food colors- he'll get over it I'm sure * snicker, snicker* I'm off to my brothers for another BBQ for a couple hours. Poor DD has to work, Hubby wants to stick around and nap as he was at his mom's overnight making sure she was ok and didn't sleep well, DS won't go if DD isn't going as my niece's just pick on him as he's the only Male grand in the family. Poor thing.

So enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. I plan on taking the hawaiian baby quilt to work on in spurts this I promise I won't over do but I need to get this done and I've been doing 30 minutes a day. It will be late but finished SOON!!!!

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Greenmare said...

oh please keep us informed on the hst!!! trimming is the ucky part for me, and speaking of ucky- orange is my least favorite color too. I actually "forgot" to buy that color paint back in school for my design class. My psych friends immediately said Freudian Slip!