Saturday, September 08, 2007

I did it again-lol

I have no control- I swear it's true.
Surfing blogs before to give my back a break from trimming hsts I was reading
purlbee's blog.( Links on the left) They have ALOT stuff on their blog(s) and saw this book :). So of course I HAD to preorder it. Now if I can just get hubby to order Angry Chicken's new sewing book....hey he owes me!!! I'll have to get him to do it when he gets home later-lol.

Now how often do you need a last minute gift and haven't a clue what to make??? I'm hoping this book will help with ideas for the Holiday boutique the guild has every year also. I mean how many embroidered towels do I have to make before Dec??? I need something else to alternate with....oh besides the pincushion patterns I ordered. A few years ago a made cute little mooses for a retreat gifty and had to buy a bag of those plastic pellets- so I have to find something to use up the other 90% of the bag before it breaks and I have that stuff all over the frame/juki area....but I think I'm up to 120 of each color of hsts done VBG. So it's off to the street fair and see what's going on........

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Archaic Dome said...

GAK- pellets. My BF works for a company that makes pellets for companies like Trex and Little Tykes. I was making 10 beanbags for a toss one day and asked him to bring me home a baggie full. I got a white kitchen trash bag full. I don't know what to do with them. He just stuck the bag under and hit the lever for a few seconds and that's what came out. If you ever need any more, let me know- I'm in Hunterdon County! :)