Saturday, September 15, 2007

Embroidery Machine Working Overtime

As VP of the guild one of my jobs is to make little gifts for the new members. So I had the logo digitized for my embroidery machine and made little towels. I also did a couple of tote bags for some of my friends on the exec comm and since I never ever remember my name tag added my name to the logo for a denim shirt. It's cold where we meet and I always wear a denim shirt. The speaker was good, Sally Davis. She used to own one of the quilt shops around here and now makes quilts for Fasset Kaffe. But some of her work is amazing.

Next month is Linda Franz-our workshop is on handpiecing and I did sign up for that :) Did you see Simply Quilts is back on HGTV???? Linda Franz's repeat will be on this Wednesday- the Quilted Diamonds segment.

One of the groups I'm on is doing this cute little bag during the weekend frenzy. I did mine yesterday while the embroidery machine stitched out some more of the guild logo on items.

A gloomy fall day here in the Northern NJ- perfect sit and sew some more cathedral windows weather :) Games not on till late this afternoon- should be a good one with Beckett vs Wang. I was so upset with the guild meeting being last night instead of the day and night meetings we have the rest of the year. I got home and the Yanks were losing 7-2 to the evil Red Soxs :( but they came back to win it 8-7!!!!!!


Sweet P said...

I love the colors in your bag. The game last night was something else. I fell asleep thinking we had the game in hand only to wake up at the last pitch and learn otherwise.

The game right now is good. Go Sox!

Kim said...

Go Yankees!!!!