Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oh my aching back

THe other day I decided that my back was ok and I cut almost all the tubes for making hsts with the wondercut ruler-BIG MISTAKE . By the end of the day (Thursday) I wanted to cry. My back kept feeling like it was going to go out. Now knock wood it hasn't happened in years. I've been very good about what I do to prevent the fusing surgery they were talking about almost 12 years ago.
But hubby, the clueless prince I married remembered that I promised to make burritos for the guys at the town fair booth today while they work on some kind of child information discs- you know pictures, fingerprints, height and weight, dental imprints. Parents get a disc that if their child goes missing they give this disc to the police . Great program and free ! So I figure a batch of burritos is fine- who am I kidding ???? He wanted 30 of them!! So I did 2 double batches of the meat- Thursday night when the back started going out and yesterday morning while it still felt like crap :(
But last night I made the 30 he wanted and 8 for us for case you ever needed to now, this is what 30 look like reheating for today's lunch right before hubby came to pick them up. That man owes me BIG TIME. Good thing he's cute :)

On a different note about Thursday, I also worked on the new members gift for my quilt guild. Seems they didn't tell me that the Vice President makes gifts for all the new members....sigh. I emailed the logo of the guild to one of my friends and her hubby made the PES file that my embroidery machine uses. So I need to make 12 of these cute little towels by Friday night.I think I can, I think I can.
Mel got me this great thread stand for a secret santa gift last year. I love all the dowels so that I can line up the colors for embroidery in the order I need them....
for those that read my blog during Lent on Yahoo....see the plush Peeps sewn together to look like the Peep Joust that started it all???????Snicker , snicker.

I did manage to get 100 of yellow/light and 100 of orange/light hsts done by this morning...only 110 of each to go and I'll have 5 of 16 colors worth of hsts done.....
Will someone commit me now and put me out of my misery...PLEASE


Mel said...

I love the towels. Did you get enough of the same color, or did you go with different colors? Very nice!

Kim said...

I got a dozen and I need to go to my favorite ( not) place today, Wally World and get 6 more in pairs of colors. If they have navy or othercolors, I can get some for the Holiday Boutique and start the snow flakes, snow men for that. Hubby wants me to try and embroider a polo shirt for him with the Masonic square and compass too and if it works, they want me to do new shirts for the lodge- WTF????

swooze said...

I hear committment only takes two signatures...... :D