Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hsts revisited

I'm back to the hsts- the cleaning fit for the week is over- well except the never ending battle of the laundry -sigh.

I need to make some blocks for a love quilt and send them out this week also. Hopefully before I leave Wednesday for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Time will tell.

In the mean time I wanted to show what one of the seven quilts will look like for the Girl Scouts. Each will have binding in their favorite color. I "think" there's no need for borders as they are pretty large as is 60"x 84".
So I hope everyone is getting LOTS done. I'm trying but I have a new quilt supervisor and he isn't quite sure of the sewing machine-lol


Faith said...

awww kitty kat will soon be purring away to the sewing machine in competition to get your attention I live the picture.

Faith said...

i would love instructions about cathedral windows please send to


Jeanne said...

How is the kitty enjoying the inside of your house now? Does it have a name?

Kim said...

This is the rescue cat I adopted- his name "was" sasha - we call him Mussasha - or Moose for short.
Cliff, the outside cat, still comes around to be fed. DD's cat, Cyd ,doesn't like sharing the house with Moose- she liked being queen of the house. Last night was tough with a new house to explore but he's sleeping on the perch now that over looks my sewing area.