Thursday, September 20, 2007

This morning I got up at 3AM - yep 3 . Why ??? I have no clue- so I played mindless games online- I finished reading COMEBACK ( very good book). Shocked the kids and made breakfast for them this morning-lol. Once they all left and the mess from the cat was cleaned up I started cleaning- kinda like a "fall cleaning" got alot done and crashed at2PM for 2 hours or so. So I needed to empty a rolling cabinet of "stuff" nothing really important just alot of of Stuff and came across these blocks-now I need to find a nice border /binding fabric and I'll have a nice wall hanging.Sometimes it pays to clean the sewing stuff-lol.

Isn't he cute??? Well he's been trying to come in for weeks so this morningI picked him up and brought him inside. What amistake that was :O He flipped out and charged for the window over my kitchen sink- knocking over plants, dishes anything in his way howling the whole time :( Never in 35 years have I ever seen a cat climb the curtains- I did today. We're friends again- he came to be brushed and fed before-

Blog hopping the other day I saw these blocks. Cute huh? I like the 2 color one, but DD wanted me to try a scrappy one and figured what the heck- I'm not sure I like it.**I'm thinking it's the light yellow hst in it- what do you think? I have to find it and change the color there and see if it looks better......**

But with all the great baseball games on lately I managed to get a big section of my cathedral windows quilt together. I need to add 2 more rows to the short side and finish the other half of the quilt. It will hang LONG over the sides of the bed.


Jeanne said...

Very pretty, Kim. I've wanted to make a cathedral window quilt. Your's it getting close to the finish!

Faith said...

I have always wanted to learn how to do the cathedral window but had never got round to it maybe the quilt shop will show me when I next take a trip up there.