Friday, August 31, 2007

Baseball ,Baseball and more Baseball

Did you see the NY teams games yesterday afternoon?? Woo hoo!!!
Of course only a Mets fan would make an optometrist appointment for my teen aged son in the middle of the afternoon when the Yankees were playing the Boston Red Sox!
So I missed a couple of innings. But as usual great game. Poor Paula being so sick and then her Sox losing all 3 games :( . But we'll do it again next month in Boston.

The series is always a good one each time they play ;)
The verizon Fios package we have somehow we get to watch the Braves and the Cubbies too! So baseball is on ALOT here ( much to hubby's dismay) He's more a football fan.

Last weekend before the kiddies go back to school. No big plans except to clean up the fabric in the sewing area. Seems that the cutting of fabric and the actual hand quilting or sewing bindings on is what's triggering the shoulder pain. So now what? Do I look for another hobby??? I have at least 10 quilts to make before May of 2008 - of which need to be done before the holidays this year.

But I got this in the mail yesterday :) and I really want to try to crochet a pair.
Any ideas on a good place to buy sock yarn???? Or brands to try???? I did find a yahoo group I joined and need to see what I'm doing. Of course one of my friends said it might save the shoulder but will make the carpal tunnel come back- isn't it great to get older?


swooze said...

I just bought sock yarn. Email me and I will send the url. DOn't have it at the moment. I am on the yahoogroup crochet socks. Is that the one you joined?

Sweet P said...

I must have missed you being a Yankees fan.

All I can say is that we are still up be 5 games and will be ahead when it counts at the end of the season.

Would you like to have a wager on the next series? Whoever's team loses the series (best of three) will send the winner a goodie pacakge. What do you think?