Monday, September 24, 2007

Mondays blah......

So sometime over the weekend I started to get sick- achey- sneezing- coughing.
Now the men of little faith thought I was allergic to Moose ( the cat) no the eyes are fine. So I started taking cough medicine for the cough and I was "ok". Well other than the fact I hasn't eaten in almost 50 hours. Maybe that was why I was so dizzy-lol.
So I only worked on joining more pieces to the cathedral windows. Can't find the green batik I got on retreat last fall for the scrappy mountains wall hanging. Might have to use some hand dyes if I have enough.
Moose is settling in nicely- for a cat his size he is quick- really quick. I had to get a collar with a bell so I know where he is. Cyd ( dd's cat) is not amused that I brought another cat home-bummer for her.

So just how many of us ordered Rugs from Rags after reading Carole's post???
If you missed it:
I know the other Kim did- that's another thing- see how many quilting adventures there are in blogland. Anyhow I'm hoping mine gets here before I leave Wed for Cooperstown. This way since hubby will be home with the contractor putting new interior doors in ( see how cool is that Im missing the conruction this time), he can start building the frame. Oh and take my truck to inspection lol.
So that's it from my corner of the quilty world- I'm thinking I might crash before 11 if I can find something to read for awhile.

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