Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years!

Instead of doing Ann's mystery yesterday I worked on g'ma cora again. It's not working out in the sizing no matter what I do. I measure the seams ( all a scant 1/4" ) and it's not the size it should be. It will be a little wavey ( sorry Mel) but I hope the next section will work out better. ALl along I kept saying it could be done a different way and would you know that Gypsy Quilter is doing it the way I thought it should have been done. Her colors are amazing.

Hubby and I had a nice quiet evening last night watching the Twilight Zone marathon VBG- then the teens came home about 1:30 from their concert. All was well- no crowd surfing only a mosh pit at this venue they went too -yeah!!! Then I had 4 teens stay the night. I should have taken a pic of them when they all passed out about 3 AM
all snuggled in quilts on the floor -couch and chairs. I counted 10 as I folded them this morning while they had bagels for breakfast. I was up till well after 4 cleaning up fabric etc for the table to be used for breakfast. All those little squares and trimming pieces.

Isn't she sweet? such a load motor for such a small thing - I've gotten a few emails of the names- Cyd Vicious was spelled Sid Vicious and was the singer of the Sex Pistols a punk band of the 80's- Nancy was his girlfriend. DD thought that Cyd was a boy when she first arrived- surprise -surprise so we changed the spelling of the name. While she ( Nancy) gets along with Cyd and Cliff ( the other outside kitty) Moose gets along with no one :( I hate to say it but Moose has been given 2 weeks to shape up or he's going back to the agency we adopted him
from :( Breaks my heart but after 3 months I'm at my wits end with him.

My wish for all my quilting friends is that we all have more finishes than new ufos this coming year. I have another quilt on the frame but today though a nice warm day to quilt in the garage was better spent sewing indoors so I could watching the Winter Classic on and off with my men of the house.

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Mel said...

Very pretty.
Hope it isn't too wavy. LOL