Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday afternoon

Well I managed to get all the blocks done to Carolina Crossroads :)
I got the 4 corner triangles done also - yippee!!
Tuesday I'll work on finishing the half square blocks. Add start piecing the top.
Tomorrow I'm going to help my mom watch my brother's kids as it's a school holiday.
Usually my dad is there to help especially with the 4 y/o but he's in CA taking care of my grandfather. Things don't look good from the call we got. :(

Tonight is Girl Scouts and we're tying service quilts for my guild. I have 2 sewn together and I need to turn the second one and top stitch down and they're good to go. A few service hours for them and 2 quilts done for the guild. A win - win situation if you ask me.

Tomorrow I'll be watching one of my fav movies with my brother's middle child, my God daughter, The Neverending Story. I'll be sewing the binding down on a love quilt. We'll see if Callie, my sister's cat approves or not. Seems she is a quilt kitty. As soon as they come out she's there checking for quality control. Then I can mail the quilt Tuesday ( after washing it of course)

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Kathy Wagner said...

Kim your blocks are great! It'll be a very striking quilt!