Tuesday, January 29, 2008

16 blocks of Ocean Waves

First I'd love to thank everyone for all the kind words about my insane project. I hope I have enough parts to finish it. Believe it or not, this is ALL from stash. I almost wiped out my greens and I think I have a few more tubes of fabric sewn the wondercut way that needs to be cut, pressed and trimmed. And I'll start looking for more if I get low. I do have one hst triangle wrong is one of the blocks and I doubt I'll fix it..we shall see later on in the project.

Did you see Carole's quilt she made for her brother??? Amazing. 2,112 pieces....I wonder how many will be in my puzzle??????

In the meantime I'm still sewing rows of my Carolina Crossroads mystery


Jeanne said...

It's starting to look like a quilt now instead of a wallhanging. VBG The colors are really pretty, Kim. Keep up the great stitching. Only two months until Opening Day!

Greenmare said...

oh my goodness I LOVE this quilt!!! What great colors and a great job you did!!!

The Calico Cat said...

pretty quilt! I think that with your monochromatic color scheme that 1 miss-pieced HST won't show terribly. Now if you were doing high contrast - definately!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That quilt is gonna be beautiful. The fabrics together look like they are a hologram. very cool.