Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just when I "thought " I was catching up

I did manage to get 8 of the Girl Scout blocks and weeks 7 and 8 done of Amanda Jean's Quilt along Blocks. And as soon as I went to get week 8 I saw week 9
went up :( I don't think I'll ever catch up. Notice Nancy lounging in the way. Didn't take long for her to take over

I have 4 more of this color to make and I can start color 7 of 10 of the Girl Scout quilts- yippee!!!

I do have a HUGE mess in the fabric sewing area of the dining room- missing parts to mysteries. My problem I believe is I'm trying to make too many things at once. I need to pack up EVERYTHING tomorrow in the correct containers and get ready to move the sewing area around this weekend. This will entail a book case- and the sewing table. Finding a home for the containers for the all the "in progress quilts" Girl Scout Quilts, Grandma Cora, Carolina Crossroads and there's another one on the tip of my tounge- oh yeah the Yogi quilt. EVERYTHING has to be put away for now. You never know, I may just find the missing 3 yards of hand dyes for the ocean waves quilt, the missing Carolina Crossroads pieces and the extra kona candy blue that went missing forcing me to buy a half yard this weekend. One can hope anyway rights????

The 3 cats do not get along. I would think the girls would but they don't and Moose gets along with no one and he's acting up over the new cat.

Moose trying catch some ZZZZZZZ's after tormenting Nancy all morning.

When Bonnie finshes her mystery I nee to make another mystery quilt out of these fabrics for a friend who turned the BIG 5-0 on New Years Day. We call him the Halloween King so these fabrics will be perfect for him. THe black is solid black a kona - but my camera keeps making these designs in some of the solids lately ....wonder why. I'll be using the same pattern as Leah did her green and yellow ring quilt from. :)

I got this via email from DD - It's her and her Boyfriend- Cute couple huh??? LOL

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