Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Need Help!!!!!

So this November our guild is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary!! Our president and project person have issued a Challange for the guild to have completed by the June luncheon. Why June you ask, it's a joint meeting as we normally have day meetings, that I run ( with all the bitties) and a night meeting, that the preseident runs. Same speaker for both. Next month is Susan Schrott, and I'm taking her workshop the Tree of Life. Very cool.
Ok back to the problem. I was blog surfing last week and saw on Will Work for Fabric, this really cool book. And for $3.99 plus $3.99 shipping I HAD TO have it.

Ok I'm losing my place with all these links and the story, sorry :(
The challenge is, 25 repeats of anything and the quilt can be no bigger than 25".
So the book came yesterday and last night I was trying to decide what to do and came across the Lady of the Lake block. Perfect ;). So off to the computer I go and play in EQ for a little while and came up with the block below. Now to find the fabric cause oh yeah you have to use silver someplace in the quilt as it is our Silver Anniversay. So I went looking for the fabric that Mel sent me for my birthday last year. I know, she's such a great friend and sends me lots of goodies- Thanks Mel (HUGS). I found a white sparkly fabric where the sparkles aren't coming off as I use it and made the top. I just need to add the top and bottom rows of hsts. So the problem is the borders. Should I use A or B??? Keep in mind the binding is the fabric Mel sent if that makes a difference. Thanks for all imput :)

So which border should I use? This A:

Or this B:


Archaic Dome said...

I would use A. It makes the blue of the block itself so much more striking and really makes it stand out. I heart two-color quilts.

Jeanne said...

I would use B. I always go for the darker fabrics, I guess. You sure are a busy gal.

The Calico Cat said...

Do you have enough for a checkerboard effect? (Half A/Half B) in an ABA

dot said...

I choose B

Cheryl said...

I like B - for me the block stands out more! Happy Thursday to you.

Mel said...

Definitely the B choice.