Thursday, January 03, 2008

What to do???

Is this the funniest toy ever????? :p

I need to remake a quilt I designed last year for hubby's work. Oh how I hate making the same quilt more than once :( Could be the problem with these 7 Girl Scout quilts.

I got a call today asking if I was almost done with a quilt that I have like 3 blocks done and need to make how many more???? And I need a bigger quilt by 7 blocks than the auction quilt *yikes*

like this :

I need to buckle down and get this quilt done and a wall hanging done AND quilted withing 3 weeks and a few days ....sigh.Maybe if a did a couple blocks a day I could get this quilt finished before he leaves for spring training.....

This is Yogi signing the auction quilt last winter.....his lovely wife,Carmen asked for one for them. And I think my quilt university class this weekend or next and then next month I have a class with Susan is so unfair sometimes :(


Megan said...

Yipee! I found your blog! thanks for having me on your sidebar.

And it looks like we're in the same neighborhood too (Northern NJ)!

Mel said...

Hey, where you been? Missing all the updates.