Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's the weekend!

Yippee!! I get to work on stuff for ME. While looking for my AMish Tumbling blocks I came across the hand dyes for Ocean Waves and figured before it went awol again I better cut it into what I need and get to work on a couple blocks :) 4 down, 60 to go ;)

I've been using Ethel to piece the GIrl Scout blocks for the last few days. She sews like a dream. VBS and I even managed to get not one but two of the colors comepletely done for the quilts. Meaning, I only have 42 more blocks to make and I can start piecing the tops...and my goal was to have them done by the end of February! Gasp! Might I be ahead of myself for a change??? What a concept.
I'm going to work on a few more ocean waves blocks and do the quilt along blocks piece Carolina Crossroads into a top and who knows what other mischief I can get into.
Enjoy your weekend:


Anonymous said...

Great blocks! I can't wait to see them in a top :)

Karen (Misiz C) said...

LOVE the fabrics in your Ocean Waves blocks! Please share the completed project too. I have a feeling it will be stunning. An OW quilt is definitely on my quilt bucket list.

Gotta love Featherweights. I can always depend on my babies. =) Have fun working on your stuff.

Sweet P said...

Your Ocean Waves blocks are stunning. I love the colors you're using.

Mel said...

I forgot how pretty your colors are. Very nice. Makes me want to get mine going again. I did press most of my hst that I sorted this weekend. :)