Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stashbusting report

I haven't reported in two weeks :(
Let's see, I finished my pineapple blossom quilt(5x6) and the great pumpkin
quilt(70"s square).
With Christmas getting 21 fqs of 30's repros from my parents and buying a bolt of
90" muslin 65% off after Christmas for backings, I think it's a wash :(
I'm almost done piecing the corners of my Grandma Cora quilt and haven't begin to put a dent in the 2 1/2" square bins.
I have alot of starts and near finishes, hopefully my one quilt will get quilted this week- temps are going near 60* gasp!!! in January.

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Greenmare said...

Happy New Year Kim! I think everything is looking good!