Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday post :)

I pieced the challenge quilt yesterday and did the quilt marking on it. I need to baste it tomorrow and start the hand quilting. Today I went with my friend , Katie for a ride to pick up her new vintage machine she won on ebayNow I want you to look at what she paid for it.Can you believe it???? And it's a beauty. Needs to be rewired but still. The cabinet was in pretty good shape and it had lots of "stuff" in the drawers

Amanda Jean posted our blocks on Monday, right on time. ANd for the second week in a row, I'm up to date!!! What a concept-lol

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Need Help!!!!!

So this November our guild is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary!! Our president and project person have issued a Challange for the guild to have completed by the June luncheon. Why June you ask, it's a joint meeting as we normally have day meetings, that I run ( with all the bitties) and a night meeting, that the preseident runs. Same speaker for both. Next month is Susan Schrott, and I'm taking her workshop the Tree of Life. Very cool.
Ok back to the problem. I was blog surfing last week and saw on Will Work for Fabric, this really cool book. And for $3.99 plus $3.99 shipping I HAD TO have it.

Ok I'm losing my place with all these links and the story, sorry :(
The challenge is, 25 repeats of anything and the quilt can be no bigger than 25".
So the book came yesterday and last night I was trying to decide what to do and came across the Lady of the Lake block. Perfect ;). So off to the computer I go and play in EQ for a little while and came up with the block below. Now to find the fabric cause oh yeah you have to use silver someplace in the quilt as it is our Silver Anniversay. So I went looking for the fabric that Mel sent me for my birthday last year. I know, she's such a great friend and sends me lots of goodies- Thanks Mel (HUGS). I found a white sparkly fabric where the sparkles aren't coming off as I use it and made the top. I just need to add the top and bottom rows of hsts. So the problem is the borders. Should I use A or B??? Keep in mind the binding is the fabric Mel sent if that makes a difference. Thanks for all imput :)

So which border should I use? This A:

Or this B:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

16 blocks of Ocean Waves

First I'd love to thank everyone for all the kind words about my insane project. I hope I have enough parts to finish it. Believe it or not, this is ALL from stash. I almost wiped out my greens and I think I have a few more tubes of fabric sewn the wondercut way that needs to be cut, pressed and trimmed. And I'll start looking for more if I get low. I do have one hst triangle wrong is one of the blocks and I doubt I'll fix it..we shall see later on in the project.

Did you see Carole's quilt she made for her brother??? Amazing. 2,112 pieces....I wonder how many will be in my puzzle??????

In the meantime I'm still sewing rows of my Carolina Crossroads mystery

Sunday, January 27, 2008

stashbusting and some pics

No fabric came into the house this week, and none were finished into tops or quilts either :( So it's a wash of a week for me. Lots and Lots of blocks made- alot of near finishes. I hope Mr Juki is done soon so I can quilt.

I did manage to finsh 4 more ocean waves blocks - yippee only 56 more to go. Lots of partials going but I needed to stop and start making the rows of Carolina Crossroads. I for the 3 middle ones sewn together and put it all away for the move today.

The cats woke me up at 4AM this morning. I was not a happy camper and I couldn't run a machine as the rest of the house was sleeping so I was sewing a few more tumbling blocks together....of course wise guy I'm married to asked it if was a Q Bert quilt?

We put a shelf up, rearranged the sewing area so I'm facing the windows. I've decided I have way too many But I couldn't find any I wanted to part with. See Ethel on the book case. I need to order one of those cute boxes for her.
I don't know if you can see the box from the first treadle base...which was way past being able to repair for less than alot more than it was worth. I kept the machine and pitched the base- 2 refinishers said it wasn't worth fixing with all the cracks in the wood and what looks like had termites....but the box covers my embroidery machine PERFECTLY. That will be stripped and refinished in the spring VBG>

This HUGE and HEAVY box came Friday to me - wonder what's under all those styrofoam pellets??????

Isn't it great???? Mel sent it to me when I killed the Janome Gem last weekend. There are a million buttons.I joined a Viking Group and was able to get a pdf of the manuel and will print it out tomorrow and play. Thank you so much Mel!!! You Rock as DD would say

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Two posts in one day Gasp!

I finally caught up on Amanda Jean's quilt along. Another finish ahead of schedule...

I found the rest of my bonus hsts from the 30's pineapple quilt and have been trimming them making more Dutchman's Puzzle blocks to add to the quilt along blocks.

I finished 2 more Ocean Waves blocks also so far today but now it's time for a well deserved nap VBG. And tonight and tomorrow I believe I will be piecing my top for Carolina Crossroads. When Mr Juki comes home we will be busy. Also I have a HUGE box I need to unpack from Mel and I need to finish packing a box or two myself for the post office Monday morning.

Oh and I found my Amish Tumblers and my case is packed for sewing later in the week with Katie :)

It's the weekend!

Yippee!! I get to work on stuff for ME. While looking for my AMish Tumbling blocks I came across the hand dyes for Ocean Waves and figured before it went awol again I better cut it into what I need and get to work on a couple blocks :) 4 down, 60 to go ;)

I've been using Ethel to piece the GIrl Scout blocks for the last few days. She sews like a dream. VBS and I even managed to get not one but two of the colors comepletely done for the quilts. Meaning, I only have 42 more blocks to make and I can start piecing the tops...and my goal was to have them done by the end of February! Gasp! Might I be ahead of myself for a change??? What a concept.
I'm going to work on a few more ocean waves blocks and do the quilt along blocks piece Carolina Crossroads into a top and who knows what other mischief I can get into.
Enjoy your weekend:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Musings

Please excuse the messy on the sewing table but look!!! Ethel is working !!!! I've managed to do something to both the janome gem and the juki and both are going into the shop for alttle TLC. But talking to Mel I tried and secceeded in getting Ethel to work!!! She has oil in her, I'm going to risk trying to change the thread. I am going to have to buy some more bobbins so I can have more than one to work with *VBG* But since the cats decided to fight at 5AM "again" over the quilt at the foot of the bed I've been busy fighting the janome to piece color 7 of 10 of the Girl Scout quilts. I got all of part 1 of 4 done and need to press that and move to part 2. I'd love to get another color done and get closer to piecing tops instead of blocks- maybe by the end of Feb and you know what???? I'd still be on schedule- what a concept :) . I see week 10 of Amanda Jean's quilt along is up and I need to cut 2 blocks worth of pieces out and get them together :)

Did you see??? Quiltnut is doing a giveaway

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stashbusting Report 1/20/08

Let's see- it's been a busy week.
My Girl Scouts tied 2 charity quilts tonight for my guild so 3 yards of 90" muslin.
The best part of that is they really enjoyed it so I can see us doing a few more before they graduate :)

1 6 x7 12" block string quilt was quilted . Top was a UFO and 2 1/2 yards of 90" backing fabric plus 1 yard of binding was sewn to it.
I gave 1/2 yard of hand dyes away.

WOW not doing alot of finishing but still a nice report. Wait till these tops get done and the juki tuned up and watch out :)

Sunday afternoon

Well I managed to get all the blocks done to Carolina Crossroads :)
I got the 4 corner triangles done also - yippee!!
Tuesday I'll work on finishing the half square blocks. Add start piecing the top.
Tomorrow I'm going to help my mom watch my brother's kids as it's a school holiday.
Usually my dad is there to help especially with the 4 y/o but he's in CA taking care of my grandfather. Things don't look good from the call we got. :(

Tonight is Girl Scouts and we're tying service quilts for my guild. I have 2 sewn together and I need to turn the second one and top stitch down and they're good to go. A few service hours for them and 2 quilts done for the guild. A win - win situation if you ask me.

Tomorrow I'll be watching one of my fav movies with my brother's middle child, my God daughter, The Neverending Story. I'll be sewing the binding down on a love quilt. We'll see if Callie, my sister's cat approves or not. Seems she is a quilt kitty. As soon as they come out she's there checking for quality control. Then I can mail the quilt Tuesday ( after washing it of course)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday morning

I got a subscription to Australian Patchwork and Quilting for Christmas and the first 2 issues arrived today. I was getting kinda worried about it as it's been over a month since I got the email that it was ordered for me. How cool is that???

One of the girls on a list I'm on thinks it's fun to send me all the extra hsts from mysteries. I love the fabric she chose this time and I spent the day yesterday sewing them together, trimming to 1 1/2" finished and putting them together. All those pieces to make a 12" block. I must have way too much time on my hands- not really but it was fun. I have enough to make 2 more rows or another 6". I think if I can find a blue , lime green or something to match it will make a cute doll quilt.

Lots to do today- hope everyone is getting lots of sewing done and staying warm- the big artic freeze is supposed to be here today.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quilt Along Week 9

Well I'm at least caught up with the Quilt along blocks ;)

The Question of the day is.......

How far apart do you think these yoyos are on this quilt? Don't you just love it???
I would so love to make one. This image came from The Gooseberry Patch . Their quilt is
52" by51" too small for me. I was thinking at least 60"x 84". So what do you think?? I need a million of them????? :p

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just when I "thought " I was catching up

I did manage to get 8 of the Girl Scout blocks and weeks 7 and 8 done of Amanda Jean's Quilt along Blocks. And as soon as I went to get week 8 I saw week 9
went up :( I don't think I'll ever catch up. Notice Nancy lounging in the way. Didn't take long for her to take over

I have 4 more of this color to make and I can start color 7 of 10 of the Girl Scout quilts- yippee!!!

I do have a HUGE mess in the fabric sewing area of the dining room- missing parts to mysteries. My problem I believe is I'm trying to make too many things at once. I need to pack up EVERYTHING tomorrow in the correct containers and get ready to move the sewing area around this weekend. This will entail a book case- and the sewing table. Finding a home for the containers for the all the "in progress quilts" Girl Scout Quilts, Grandma Cora, Carolina Crossroads and there's another one on the tip of my tounge- oh yeah the Yogi quilt. EVERYTHING has to be put away for now. You never know, I may just find the missing 3 yards of hand dyes for the ocean waves quilt, the missing Carolina Crossroads pieces and the extra kona candy blue that went missing forcing me to buy a half yard this weekend. One can hope anyway rights????

The 3 cats do not get along. I would think the girls would but they don't and Moose gets along with no one and he's acting up over the new cat.

Moose trying catch some ZZZZZZZ's after tormenting Nancy all morning.

When Bonnie finshes her mystery I nee to make another mystery quilt out of these fabrics for a friend who turned the BIG 5-0 on New Years Day. We call him the Halloween King so these fabrics will be perfect for him. THe black is solid black a kona - but my camera keeps making these designs in some of the solids lately ....wonder why. I'll be using the same pattern as Leah did her green and yellow ring quilt from. :)

I got this via email from DD - It's her and her Boyfriend- Cute couple huh??? LOL

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Stashbusting report

Well I went to Joann's and bought 5 yards of wow ( white on white) to work on my Girl Scout quilts.More than half the block is background colors so it goes quickly. And at 40% off and an extra 10% i need to get it when I can. I'm halfway through number 6 of 10 colors. Yippee!!! I picked up a 1/3 yard of candy blue kona for the grandma cora quilt as I ran out of the triangles for the rows :( Is that a legal stashbusting buy????

Lots of blocks made this week but no quilts so I guess I had more come in than out :(

But wait till all these blocks are done- watch out I'll be on a roll. :)

We're waiting to see the path of the N'Easter that's coming. They say 5-8" of snow but it's raining right now. We shall see. If we have no school - the kids will help in the rearranging of the sewing area :p shhhhhhh I didn't tell them yet-lol.

I'm also doing step 6 of Bonnie's mystery and can't find 10 of the 9 patches- so I'll make more tomorrow so I can do the corner blocks. I still need to make AManda Jean's Quilt ALong blocks- I'll be three weeks behind tomorrow. Hopefully I can get all caught up if they go to school- if not there's always Tuesday :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Catch Up

Imagine my surprise when I was reading Jeannie's blog she gave me an award *VBG*

Thank you Jeannie.The rules for this award say to choose up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland. Let them know by posting a note on their blog so they can pass it on. So I award, Amanda Jean,Leah,Meland Gypsy Quilter
Finn All of you bloggers are such a great inspiration to me I could go on and on.

Yesterday was a fun day at guild. Though the attendence is always low :( it was our annual service meeting. No speakers but we tie tops into quilts to be donated to the various charities that are in need. There were some really pretty tops. Some so simple but charming just the same. I can probably say only one quilt got the ??? from me as in what were they thinking. Oh well if it keeps the person warm I guess that's all that matters in life right?
Here's some of the ladies working hard on a pretty top.

and look they even made me do some of the sewing :P

I had to do the noon meeting which is mine anyway to run as 1st VP and then I went back to the evening meeting as it's such a poor showing and we had all these tops to do so from 10:30 when I get there till 10PM last night when we left- I had a 3 hour break for dinner, a glass of wine and aquick nap ( in that order) But it was kinda fun.

On the quilty front, I'm done with color 5 of 10 for the Girl Scout quilts, I dyed some fabrics on Thurday ( and will be mailing them out this week to the 100th post winners)

And I'm done trimming clue 5 of Bonnie's mystery
I see step 6 is up and we're making blocks Yippee!!

And if that wasn't enough fun in my life, I decided to take a class at Quilt University on Victorian Sewing boxes I'm not sure what colors yet have to shop the stash as they say and buy the notions, cording,elastic, ribbons,lace etc. Maybe tomorrow- I asked a question on one of them and am waiting for an answer from the teacher. This way I'm not making 2 trips :)

Jeeze Louise, just typing that makes me tired enough for a nap :P

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday Morning

I'm a night owl. There, I've said it. The rest of the family is usually asleep by 11PM when there's school. Or the teens stay up till the wee hours on the weekends and I'm usually up till 1-2 am with them. The sewing machine goes off around 11-12 cause they are trying to I read, cut, press or hand sew. Or all of the above *VBG*

So it's a rare thing for me to see a sunrise. Terrible I know. But we have 4 people living here and 1 bathroom. 3 people need to get to school or work. So I sleep at least until the kiddies leave for school. Meaning hubby has already made coffee and I get to drink coffee watch the morning news and talk to hubby in peace :)

But imagine my surprise looking out the front door this only lasted a minute before it started it pour buckets...but isn't it great????

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I've spent the better part of 2 days falling helplessly behind in Bonnie's mystery, this grandma coa quilt the weekly quilt along blocks :(
It's been too nice to be sewing- I want to play outside since it's been about 50-60* during the day. Then I try and do the wifey cleaning jobs and sew at night. I'm sure all these blocks/projects will be here when the weather turns to freezing again. Being the beginning of Jan it's bound to happen sooner or later....

Hope all are enjoying the weather if nice by them or sewing a storm up if it's not.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stashbusting report

I haven't reported in two weeks :(
Let's see, I finished my pineapple blossom quilt(5x6) and the great pumpkin
quilt(70"s square).
With Christmas getting 21 fqs of 30's repros from my parents and buying a bolt of
90" muslin 65% off after Christmas for backings, I think it's a wash :(
I'm almost done piecing the corners of my Grandma Cora quilt and haven't begin to put a dent in the 2 1/2" square bins.
I have alot of starts and near finishes, hopefully my one quilt will get quilted this week- temps are going near 60* gasp!!! in January.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

What to do???

Is this the funniest toy ever????? :p

I need to remake a quilt I designed last year for hubby's work. Oh how I hate making the same quilt more than once :( Could be the problem with these 7 Girl Scout quilts.

I got a call today asking if I was almost done with a quilt that I have like 3 blocks done and need to make how many more???? And I need a bigger quilt by 7 blocks than the auction quilt *yikes*

like this :

I need to buckle down and get this quilt done and a wall hanging done AND quilted withing 3 weeks and a few days ....sigh.Maybe if a did a couple blocks a day I could get this quilt finished before he leaves for spring training.....

This is Yogi signing the auction quilt last winter.....his lovely wife,Carmen asked for one for them. And I think my quilt university class this weekend or next and then next month I have a class with Susan is so unfair sometimes :(