Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wicked Storms and Quilting

With all the lightening and high winds last night we had alot of flickering lights. Enough so that DH and I went and pulled the 2 generators out of the shed and made sure both would start if the power failed. My kitty, Nancy was a nervous wreck. DD's kitty, Cyd, came in only after DD and I went out to the covered patio to watch the storm while drinking our iced coffees.And Moose, well not bothers Moose except an empty food bowl.

Hubby was more amused by my antics of unplugging the Viking sewing machine and leaving my pc plugged if I was so afraid of power surges from lightening strikes. My answer, I have a laptop :P as a back up.

So DD asked me to make her friend a quilt for her friend's Sweet 16 next month. Sure sweetie between 7 Girl Scout quilts, 2 baby quilts and your prom and graduation and the guild 25th anniversary luncheon let me jump right on that for you ...grrrrr.And Mark thought teenaged boys were bad. Well I had the black and white jelly rolls and as a background I ordered this lovely batik for the quilt. I think I have 10 done and need another 32. Problem is there's more black than white in the jelly rolls. and I made a bk/w/r quilt or at least the blocks last year and wiped my stash out. But I'm still looking, I did find 2 fabrics last night. I bet there's more somewhre *wink* But where are the blocks???? In the meantime I started another Pineapple Blossom ala Bonnie.It is a striking color combo. Now to find more fabric and the other blocks.

And it bothered me till I went and found the blocks. We did this on Cyber Quilters last year with Marge Gordon of Delaware Quilts so I pieced all the blocks into a top yesterday in case I run out of time with the Pineapple Blossoms, I have a backup. I'm seriously considering loading it on the frame for quilting even before I finish these blocks. It's always nice to have a quilt for an emergency gift. I can think of a half dozen friends who would love to get this quilt.

So remember last week when the man I love told me I needed a quilt for the next day and we "thought" I need it for tomorrow night??? And I said I still loved him? It turns out that quilt was for a party we didn't go to last Sat. and I still need another one by the end of the month. A toddler sized one but I'm debating if I should kill him today or wait until we go to The NJ State Quilt Show tomorrow.


kathyinozarks said...

Good morning Kim, I am here now too. Good place to keep up with all my blogger friends that are not multiply
I love that quilt with Marge. How is Marge doing-I joined the last year she had Delaware quilts, and learned alot from her. She had another group I think was in for awhile, but just don't have the time to participate as much as I would like to. does she still have a group?Kathy

Joansie said...

Well, the positive side of things is that everyone wants one of your quilts as they are always so beautiful. I think you are going to be staying out of trouble for

No, don't kill hubby. He's going to open his wallet for you to go to the quilt festival.

FabricMom said...

Beautiful top. Can't wait to see the other one finished.

swooze said...

Honey, I am wore out from reading all this! Let's trade dh's. If they are really as bad as we think they are then we can move onto the killing thing.

bingo~bonnie said...

What a great B&W combo!!! I love your pinapple blossom you started. That red is the perfect accent!!! When you get done you HAVE to share a pic with Bonnie so she can add to her pattern page!!!

Love from Texas!

Sunny said...

Oh, that black and white and red pineapple is stunning. I have lots of black fabrics and whites but they are mostly tone on tone. I wanted to make my mother a black and white quilt with red accents. I need fabrics like yours though. Hope I didn't miss the finished picture.