Friday, June 06, 2008

New Toy

How cute is this??? And so very tiny. It's the new ipod shuffle
( the little one). Good thing it has a clip on the other side. I'm sure I'd lose it if it didn't When I charged it last night because it was new it took the almost 300 songs from my play list and added them with room to spare. I've had the other kind since they came out but recently it wasn't holding a charge more than an hour :(

Tonight's prom night and tomorrow is the guild's 25th anniversary luncheon. Thank goodness I am so ready for both to be done. Way too much drama for both


Candace said...

It's very cute. I've been thinking about getting one, but probably more because I love gadgets, than because I really need one. Pink is good.

Joansie said...

Don't you just love new and improved gadgets! Hope you have a restful few more drama.