Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sewing Containers

Paula of Coffeetime Quilt Studio asked us to show our unusal containers we use. This was a tin that my Nana would fill with peanut butter pinwheels each year for me. We would ALWAYS give the empty container back to get refills that would randomly come in the mail. When my Nana died I made damn sure I got my tin back- Nana's been dead over 20 years and I miss her like crazy.
I keep small things for sewing in it and think of her often when sewing.

The jar is something I picked up at either the Christmas boutique at my guild or a quilt show. Cool way to store fqs and pretty. I have one somewhere w/o the fabric ontop full of yoyos for a future quilt :D

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Joansie said...

Kim, the tin container is beautiful and so is the history behind it. I love hearing about family and traditions and the memories. Thanks for sharing.