Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Stash Reports

Not too much on the sewing front this week with all the hoopla of DD graduating Friday night. I have been hand quilting this wall hanging for a couple of weeks. It's all the bonus hsts from a HUGE Pineapple blossom I did earlier in the year for my sil.

Here's some of the hand quilting on it :)

Boy are we lucky that we postponed DD's graduation party and rented a hall for next week. HUGE hail was falling in this awesome lightening storm right about the time the party would have begun. No fabric came in this week and this is about all that went out 40" square front and back so what 2 1/2 yards???

After my orthopedic appointment I hope to piece a top for the love quilt and email some color choices to Ann for her mystery. I'm not sure if I want a Halloween one or a Christmasy one but either way I need one of each for gifts both are very late. But first I need to measure how much Halloween fabrics I have.


Joansie said...

We had the same weather you did. Wise move on your part to rent a hall.

Love the quilt. Good luck at the ortho doc.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love it. How fabulous.