Friday, June 13, 2008

More Sewing Containers

Yesterday I posted 2 items in my sewing I'd like to show you 2 other items I use in quilting :
Paula, wants to see all our toys :)

DD bought this cutery carrier from Joann's either for Mother's Day, or my birthday. It keeps small rulers , rotory cutters and that wonderful clip thing for pinning and my scissors that should be in there and they aren't...hmmmmm a mystery. Wonder where they are.....

Another item I use when quilting on the frame in the garage is a tackle box- with all the "junk" in the garage I was losing things I needed and it would make me crazy. So I went to Wally World ( Walmart)and bought this. See where I can store empty bobbins for the juki and more importantly a spare bobbin case. Nothing is worse than dropping a bobbin case and doing "something" so that when you try and continue to quilt you can't until you order another one from EBAY or some other place and it comes it. Believe me, I know these things.

The pullout tray holds screwdrivers, seam rippers, brushes to clean - stuff like that.

The bottom holds the different "parts" for the juki and grace frame.

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Joansie said...

Great stuff! I use a tackle box also for my cross stitch supplies (not the floss, though). Amazing how much cheaper a tackle box is than going to the craft section and buying an organizer that really is a tackle Have a great weekend!