Friday, June 06, 2008

Isn't she lovely????

It's Sr.prom night here. This is my lovely dd in her dress - and yes hubby let her go out like that :P

and this is my bestest friend since kindergarten's son and DD

He's older and actually someone else's date but I had to get a pic of them together.

After prom they're all driving to the beach for the weekend- I think they took over a whole hotel just from this town-

Added: I just got this one from a friend. It's taken at my cookie mom's house :

I love that train on the dress


Joansie said...

She's beautiful and so glad you posted pics as I remember when you were trying to convince hubby on the dress. Hope it was a truly memorable and fun evening for her.

Candace said...

She is very lovely, and I hope she had a really nice time.

Sweet P said...

She is gorgeous in the dress! I hope she had tons of fun at the dance.