Wednesday, June 04, 2008

We Have a Code Blue

In celebration of finishing a quilt and not killing hubby. Story below -lol

So, yesterday the man I love and married too many years ago asked me if I had finished the baby quilt for a friend I said I'd make one for . ANd I asked which one??? And he informs me he need it for Thursday! OMG!!! Luckily I had these shooting star/ lazy star blocks from an exchange from a bday swap last year. I made a couple extra and pieced the top and threw some borders on. I actually quilted it on the Viking ( first time) as it would probably take that long to load it on the frame anyway.

So I was speaking to the dad of the baby to be and said I'd see him tomorrow ( Thursday) and no hubby dear, it's next week. So I should have been working on making baskets for the auction Saturday but instead pieced and quilted a baby gift. I so love this block and plan to make another one over the summer.


Candace said...

Aren't husbands great? If he's like mine he is probably half sheepish, and half thinking he's cute. The quilt is definitely great though, and now it's done.

Joansie said...

You are just so talented. From a divorced woman, I love to hear other women speak lovingly of their husbands :>) The quilt is definitely special.

Jeanne said...

The guys have different calendars than us gals. The quilt looks terrific and now you are done a week ahead of time. (and can rush to finish the baskets) Hope you enjoyed your code blue.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love that block too. Now if it were my house, my husband would have told me the day he needed the quilt. Sheesh men.