Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Craziness

This country is getting sadder and sadder every single day.
The other day I was reading Patty's Morning Ramble and came across this post Please read that before you look at the blog article I saw at Crossroads.com

No Recession (So Far) for U.S. Video Game Makers
U.S. sales of video game hardware and software rose 10 percent in November from a year earlier, market researcher NPD said recently, as Nintendo Co Ltd reported its Wii console and DS hand-held system both set U.S. sales records in the month.
NPD said the U.S. video game industry is set to top $22 billion in 2008, and Nintendo, Microsoft Corp and Sony Corp said their strong sales in November showed that consumers are still spending despite the global economic crisis.
Rising unemployment and tighter credit have dented U.S. consumers' purchasing power, and most retailers have posted dismal sales results in recent months.
But the U.S. video game industry "continues to set a blistering sales pace," NPD analyst Anita Frazier said, with hardware and software sales strong even though this November had seven fewer shopping days than last year's.
Nintendo's Wii console sold over 2 million units in November, up from over 800,000 in the previous month, setting a record for console unit sales in a non-December month, Nintendo said. Nintendo's Wii console has sold over 15 million units since its release in November 2006 and holds the title as the country's best-selling video game console


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Not at my house! Homework first and it is hard to enforce that with video games easily available.

LizzieK8 said...

To put it in perspective....how much does a quilter spend in a year to keep the supplies available?

How much do some knitters spend to make a nice wool sweater? That I know...around $300.

We buy our fibers to entertain ourselves. Quilting, and knitting, spinning, cross stitch, etc., as I'm sure you've heard, "Keeps me off the streets and out of the bars." We spend money for our entertainment. Maybe, maybe not at $300 at a time, but overall, I bet just as much is spent. And we won't discuss a new sewing machine, spinning wheel, knitting machine.....

Because we don't have that obsession doesn't mean it's not just as valid an obsession as our own are.

Not to diminish what $300 can do for a needy family.

Kim said...

Believe me we have one too and the wii

but the point is now with the economy tanking and people are having problems making ends meet. The only industry that's not losing money is the video game companies.

And it's not that we dont spend $300 on quilting or knitting. Cause we all can and most of us do. It's the every game that comes out because it's XBOX is at least $50. I know my kid saved his money and bought 4 and just bought another one or paid for one before release. But like I told my son, after me quilting for say 100 hours it takes to beat a game w/o cheats I usually have one if not two quilts or tops to show for my efforts.

Of course I emailed the article to my broker to see if I can buy some stocks of these gaming companies. :)

Sarah Nopp said...

Isn't entertainment always a high priority in a down economy? It was talkies during the Great Depression.