Sunday, December 28, 2008

Final Finishes of 2008

Like the pineapple blossom quilt that these blocks were made from the spare hsts, everyone loves/wants this wall hanging.Granted it is striking as was the quilt. Which I actually got a phone call from the bf telling me how "awesome" it was and he couldn't thank me enough. Yeah!

A birthday present for my sil who's turning 40 on Thursday. All done and in the gift bag already :)

Yesterday I ventured out to the retail part of town to get some black kona for the fall mystery binding. I happened along the clearence section of Joann's. I orginally picked up the gold and red ones only. Golds for background and reds for the yoyo's I need a million of for a quilt.ANd thought they were a bargain at 50¢. When they rang up at 25¢ I ran back and got the blues and greens.
So I got a total of 26 fqs for a quarter each *VBS*

Tomorrow hubby and I are driving to Buffalo to look for houses/apartments to rent, go to dinner with the new board of directors etc. I found one quilt shop a few blocks from our hotel and I'm going :)
We'll be back on Tuesday late. Then Wednesday is Ann's mystery and I hear from the testers it's another great one. I'm using Buffalo Bills fabric to make it for my son. Get this, he asked today since I stay up most of the night on New Years, did I think i could get it quilted for New Years Day.....**rolling eyes**


Joansie said...

I especially love the quilt you are giving your SIL for her 40th. Lucky girl!

Enjoy Buffalo and your new quilt shop!

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning Kim, gorgeous quilts as always, I usually don't like the pattern of that first one-but I love your color choices on that one-makes it all "pop"
Usually about this time of year, I hurt my lower back-from carrying too big of armloads of firewood for the wood stoves-I have learned some exercises to keep from being bedridden-but I have to be careful and can't pick up anything-sometimes for a month-big bummer.
I worked about 8 hours on the machine quilting of Sandys hubbys quilt-and now I am in so much pain with my back and now my shoulder and arm-grrrr. I took a day off yesterday-and will be back at it today.
I so much need to learn how to do the machine quilting bigger-as this has turned out an awesome task for me. It will be gorgeous when finished.
good luck on your house hunting
since the other team lost that the packers needed to get into the playoffs-so happy for Miami and their quarterback that they won-I will be rooting for them to make it to the superbowl. I was a huge dophin fan when I lived in NC back in their day.

kathyinozarks said...

oops not the packers but the Jets with Favre. I was so happy too that the packers did not make it in to the playoffs-serves them right for not taking Favre back.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Have a nice time together. Love the 2 quilts.

Katie said...

I love the quilts! They look even better in person!!!

kimquiltz said...

Hello and Happy New Year from a fellow quilting Kim!