Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Stuff and Nanette's Giveaways

Yesterday was St Nicholas Day and the historic house down the street always has Cinter Claus come. I caught him without the big bishop looking hat. He gives gold coins to the children if they were good....he claimsdd was a good girl this year.

Tonya was talking about the black decorations and tree in Paris on her blog. DD has this small Nightmare Before Christmas one on her night stand. Sorry Tonya no Oggie Boogie ornament.

Every year hubby buys some totally off the wall decoration. We have a singing Homer Simpson, The lamp from a Christmas Story, I could go on and on. Today we started decorating and this is what he puts Gotta love him, it's in the contract.

A few years ago I won this tree all decorated at the big fund raiser ay hubby's work. They auction off fully decorated tree of all sorts- usually 50-100 different ones of all kinds of themes. This one has been gracing the kitchen since. Though we got a bigger microwave this year and I still need to "fluff" the branches.

Aren't the ornaments great?

As for traditions, this plate and cup have been brought every year since 1990. Someone bought it for DD for her second Christmas. She was born a few days before Christmas before her due date so we didn't have it the first Christmas.

Lastly, Nanette , of my favorite patterns fame and a newly published pattern writer in the news Fons and Porter Baby Quilt issue ( pg 80) is having an anniversary giveaway. You have 7 days to comment and win one of 7 prizes...hows that for odds?


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

that's a different kind of black christmas tree altogether - it's fun. love your husband's Linus tree.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Like I said above, that tree is so incredibly cute!

Thank you for the mention my friend. You are a doll! I hope that St. Nick is generous to you this year!